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Mother Daughter

Conversation Starters

A fun game that sparks conversations between mothers and daughters. Learn more about each other… your thoughts, beliefs, past, and goals.This game has ten categories to choose from and over 200 cards; that provides conversation prompts that will assist you  in having purposeful conversations.


The rules are simple…choose a category, then a card and get the conversation going!


Categories of Questions

"Ask your Mom", Mother Daughter, Introspection, School, 

Community, Family, Friends, Love, Healthy Choices, Core Values

Pile of Trading Cards


Love Notes

Give your daughter a "jump start" to her day by leaving Love Notes in her lunch box. These notes are inspiring affirmations that will give her a piece of home, when she is away. 


Love notes are thoughtfully crafted to encourage and motivate your daughter to become the very best girl she can be. There are 180 Love Notes for each day of the school year. 


Place a note in your daughter's lunch box, room,  after-school snack or where ever to give her a daily dose of TLC.  Love notes are geared toward girls ages 8 -19 years old. 

* upon payment 2 day priority shipping will automatically be added to your purchase.


What I Want

My Daughter To Know

- BOOK -

Our daughters are life’s most precious gifts. For decades I have examined research that focuses on the adolescent mind, behaviors, and habits to understand what factors will assist a girl to have positive outcomes, thereby promoting a successful life trajectory. We all want our daughters to safely transition into womanhood.


This book was created to provide your daughter with lessons and affirmations that have been created based on my research and also information I have shared with my own daughters! Raising two daughters that are thirteen years apart and becoming a grandmother to an amazing granddaughter, I have also “experienced” the importance of these lessons and affirmations as a

guide for our daughters.


This book is versed with one-page lessons and affirmations that will guide your daughter, or special girl in your life, to strive to be the very best version of herself. Cheers to womanhood! Enjoy the journey!


Mother Daughter Connect

- Mobile App -

This app is a forum of tools and resources for mothers and daughters. There are four domains in this app. 

Communication Assessments

A quick questionnaire can help you assess how effective your communication is with your mother/daughter

Conversations Starters 

A fun game that sparks conversations between mother and daughter. 

Learn more about each other…your thoughts, beliefs and past. 

30 day guide (strengthen communication)

Even if your communication with your mother and daughter is good, consider learning more about the art of communication and how to enhance your conversations and strengthen your relationship.  


Remind yourself daily how amazing you are. Life is full or twists and turns… these affirmations will keep you focused and inspired.

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