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"The most important part of communication is hearing

what isn’t being said “ 

Peter Drucker

Mother Daughter Connect Events

Global Girls

Mother Daughter Connect has created Global Girls, which is a true immersion cultural experience.


The experience hybrid beginning electronically, where MDC girls communicate with designated girls from another country. MDC girls are prepped with online classes about the culture, expectations and in the end will visit the country to gain a well- rounded

cultural experience.

Empowerment Weekends

Mother Daughter

Mother daughter Empowerment Weekends provides a weekend built to strengthen the bond through activities, contests and relaxation including: Yoga, Meditation, team building , contests, and information sessions.

United Nations

Mother Daughter Connect will be choosing four girls to represent our organization at the United Nations. The Working Group on Girls training will be held at the United Nations in March 2020.

Mother Daughter Connect is a member organization of the Working Group on Girls at The United Nations  


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